Indian Super League live score review

Unlike other football leagues around the world, the Indian Super League does not use promotion and relegation, preferring growth through expansion, similar to Major League Soccer in the USA. Clubs in the Indian Super League can qualify for Asian continental club competitions such as the AFC Champions League and the AFC Cup.

Since the league’s inaugural season, three clubs have won. One team has won the ISL League Winners Shield, a trophy awarded to the best team at the end of the league stage. The current champion is ATK FC. It has won the trophy three times. And the current winner of the League Winners Shield award, FC Goa, has won it once since the trophy became available during the 2019-20 season.

To find out the Indian Super League live score, you have to keep track of who is playing and when. Such information is easy to find online at your convenience. Keep an eye on all upcoming football events wherever you are.

Teams playing

Goa vs North East United is scheduled to play on December 17, 2022. In the current season of the Indian Super League tournament, the Goa team has played 9 matches in which they have won 5 wins and found themselves grazing the back 4 of the clash. The North East United team, after playing 9 matches, suffered 9 defeats. In the tournament, the Goa team is averaging 1.7 goals per game, conceding 1.2. North East United is scoring 0.8, conceding 2.8. The rivals previously met each other on 14 January 2022 at Goa Field, in that match a draw was recorded.

We should elaborate on the facts about the teams:

  1. Goa have drawn in the first half against their current rivals team in 5 matches in a row.
  2. In the last 4 meetings, the aforementioned team has conceded from North East United in the first half.
  3. North East United players have lost the first half in their last 4 games.
  4. Both teams have scored in the last 4 contests in which North East United are involved.
  5. Both teams have scored in each of the last 4 matches between them.
  6. In the last 4 matches North East United have conceded in the first half.

Another team worth watching is the Kerala Blasters. It has won 5 matches in a row, none of its last 10 encounters has ended in a draw. It has won the first half in its last 4 matches, scored in the first half, conceded last and scored first. The team faced their opponents Bangalore on December 11 and Chennaiyin on December 19.

In the current Indian Super League season, the Jamshedpur team will face Goa. The former has played 9 matches in which  has won 1 win, drawn 1 time and lost 7 times. Its rival in the 9 encounters has won 5 times and surrendered 4 times. In the tournament, the Jamshedpur team is averaging 0.7 goals per game, conceding 1.8. Goa is scoring 1.7, conceding 1.2. The rivals had previously met on 3 November 2022 at Goa Field, with the home team winning that match.

Who else is playing?

There’s a lot to look forward to. Upcoming matches:

  • Jamshedpur and Goa – December 22, 2022;
  • Bangalore and Hyderabad – December 23, 2022;
  • Mumbai City and Chennaiyin on December 24, 2022.

The duels will be memorable, as the football field hosts the famous teams, famous for their flashy stunts during the sporting event. You can watch the football game via live text or video streaming. Everything is streamed live. And if you can’t watch it on the same day or time, you can always see the replay. Choose the format that suits you best and enjoy the game and your favourite teams! The competition promises to be memorable.

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