India super league – what is known about the competition

Football is a world sport with an army of millions of fans, championships and national icons. Originating in England, it has won the hearts of the whole planet. Football competitions are held all over the world and are an important part of the game.

There are sports leagues in many countries. Although they are autonomous, there is an unspoken competition between them. Which are the strongest and best known football leagues?

Best football leagues

The best known league for the masses is the English league. And English football in general is a very popular sport which attracts a lot of sports fans. Famous teams, internationally renowned players and top level professionalism of the teams attract and amaze fans all over the world.

The German Bundesliga, Spanish La Liga, Ukrainian Premier League, Brazilian Serie A are all popular and well known. However, besides the social evaluation, there are also several criteria that determine the quality of a competition:

  • the average number of goals scored;
  • the average number of wins in the continental championships;
  • the average number of red cards;
  • the difference in points between the first and last team in the championship.

Thus, it is not enough to have popularity among football fans, the main indicator is professionalism.

India super league is one of the championships in India. The championship has been held since 2013, but in this short time it has transformed and is becoming more and more effective every year. The main objective the members of the football federation have set for themselves is to popularise the sport and take Indian football to the next level. It was a good idea, but it didn’t work out without a hitch.

The Indian Super League only gained official recognition as a league, rather than just a football tournament, in 2016. And as of the 2017-2018 season, it became India’s top football league. Today, Indian football teams playing in the Super League can qualify for the top club tournaments in Asia based on their performance in the league.

Indian Super League today

There are 11 teams in the championship today. Each meets their opponent twice – at home and away mat. For every match played, the team receives a certain number of points and the teams that will play in the finals and fight for the Super League trophy are decided on the basis of the points.

The 2022/2023 football season is already in full swing. Fans and experts are betting on the matches and predicting the overall outcome. One of this year’s favourites is the Mumbai City team. So far, they are at the top of the standings and have every chance of winning the championship. However, they should be careful and try not to concede, as Hyderabad club is trailing them in the table.

The young and promising team with an army of fans is only 2 points behind. The growing tension with every game only fuels the interest of spectators to follow the Indian Super League matches. With the standings likely to change drastically by the end of the season, the intrigued fans try not to miss a single game.

Indian football is gaining popularity among foreign spectators, which confirms the development and improvement of a young but promising championship – the Indian Super League.

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